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On this website you will learn all about what the famous celebs are up to fasion tips, advise and much more! Have fun and don't forget to tell all of your friends about it!! Email me about the singer competition on: and get your voice heard! I will update the website every week. I hope you enjoy my stuff!!! Last Update: 27.4.13


Famous celebs!!
Has every1 heared the terrible news that boy band JLS are breaking up! Girly Goss says that the boys want to leavee on a high and Marvin will be leaving to DJ at radio stations.


What's in fashion?


There is a large selection of clothes that are fashionable at the moment. Bright colours and flowery patterns. Have a look in river island and the leggings and the flowered shorts in next. Head bands with flowers on are also very fashionable lately! Get some denim shorts from next, or an all-in-one ready for summer what ever your style is.. get ready to shop until you drop! Happy shopping!



Advise and embarrassment:

 So guys, everyone always has something that goes wrong or you worry about. Well i want you to send me your embarrassing stories or advise needing situations and im here to help. Even if you don't really want it on the website just tell me and i wont upload it. so there is a form below get sending me your messages!

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Question: "Hi im Maddy age 10 and my friends are all talking about going to the cinema with no adult but i'm not allowed but i'm embaraced to tell them."

Answer: Hi Maddy you should just tell them that you can't go if they are your true friends they should be fine with it. There is no need to get embaraced.

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